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Jonathan Chandler

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Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards

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How it All Began

During the first year of college, I found myself in Brenham Texas, taking on a full load and working as the night manager at a local hotel. I started out studying psychology and business psychology since at that time I had an interest in the behavior of people around me and in my life. A year later, I realized this was not for me and I needed a big change.

I started my first programming lessons on an Apple II in grade school building small calculating programs and putting graphics on a screen which was something that fascinated me. My father bought my first PC (PC Jr.) in middle school which introduced me to “the modem”. While connecting to archaic chat rooms, or billboards back then, and nosing my way into company computers, I didn’t realize there was a cost for each connection made much less per minute of use. Needless to say I was not allowed to use the computer modem for quite some time.

The school and education path provided a level of motivation I hadn’t experienced before. My professors were actually either in the advertising industry, or had been at one time. My PhotoShop professor was a satellite imaging expert in the military, and my 3D and Multimedia professor went on to connect the social services (police, EMT and fire) in Austin! I obtained such a passion for not only learning, but over exceeding the requirements for every assignment and final exam projects. That’s all I did for 4 years! I would get up in the morning, go to work, then school then back home to work all night on the computer to overachieve what was expected of me! As a result, I obtained a degree in Desktop Publishing, and a degree in Multimedia Specialization.

First 3D animation short I created during school in 1995


Thinking I could rule the world in the digital industry, confidence wasn’t anything I ever thought about. I just had it, like it was an automatic trait. I left my job as a front office manager at an oilfield broker, passed up an internship with Stewart Title, and went straight into my first advertising agency position. I’ll play nice and not name them. Immediately I was crushed; just within the first two weeks. I was working on assembly line type products. No though went into these projects, the project manager had no clue about my position, and the account executives didn’t even have so much as a coin to toss when it came to handling clients regarding digital media. I called my friend and told him that I didn’t know if I could last a year. The portfolio I had archived was a joke! I had no one to talk to and no one to work with as a team.

Nine months later, I threw in the towel and moved on. Landing at another local Houston agency, it was just like before only I was given a hair more authority to work directly with some clients. This built up until I was the go to guy, web developer, SEO person, interactive designer, account executive and department manager! Of course there was only me to fill that role as it was a small agency. Three years went by and my passion was still in overdrive, the clients were happy and the company was moving forward. Then, like a fart in the wind, it happened again. The agency merged with another, something, in order to be one entity and to do what I have no idea. The other agency was only produced print material, once again had no knowledge of digital media, and had no clue what I contributed to their clients. The project manager I was assigned to had the deer in the headlights look anytime I mentioned the word “website”, and the account executive, well, she did her best but was not trained by the company at all! The assembly line procedure got robotic and felt institutionalized at times. If only we could spend an hour discussing projects and brain storming, we could produce something great! That goal seemed farther away than any distant galaxy where Wookiees are found!

Being the one and only for 13 years while providing everything under the sun for clients, took its toll. I lost my passion, my drive and it was replaced with stress, frustration and watching clients walk out the door time and time again.


Over a recent Christmas break, it occurred to me that I didn’t want to go back and needed another huge change. I had grown tired and worn of the day to day and became increasingly irritated with the puffery, snake oil salesman tactics with clients, and once again not having a decent archived portfolio of work.

My passion returned overnight and I realized that what set me apart from others was not only simple, but severely lacking in many businesses. I developed a website to showcase freelance work I had done over the years and list what kind of services I felt necessary for successful online marketing. My contacts were of equally passionate professional eager to do good work and fill their resume with true case studies of their results. My recent trip to Alaska and Seattle, gave me a new perspective and an opportunity to meet honest and fascinating people. It was then that I realized that hiring local talent wasn’t enough to satisfy my goals and reason for this “huge change”. I needed to validate this change by reaching out to talent I didn’t know existed, and people who have a track record of trust and ability. I wanted to connect with folks who have the same passion I have and form a strong bonded network of staff as opposed to the norm.

Combining honesty, innovation from other professionals, and a great product that the client and I excited about is exactly the direction I wanted to go in.

Thus, JMCreative is born!