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Get insights into inbound traffic and learn how visitors use your website.

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Data collection of your online traffic and behavior of your visitors is worth its weight in gold. Analytic reports can be made for individual website traffic, social media behavior and even SEO progress and status. Get weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly reports on anything you want to collect data on.

Online visitor tracking not only provides insight to your business, but is a vital tool used among online advertising and marketers. This tool is used not only to create better online strategies, but it’s also used to tailor to visitor needs and funnel a strategy down to a fine point. Find out how if the home banner on your website is really productive and proactive with your viewers. How many leads were obtained from your website or even inbound traffic from social media sites. The metrics for gathering such information is crucial for any business.

JMCreative can start the process, set up the accounts and generate both standard and custom reports based on your requirements. Contact us today to get started!

What can you track?

Just about anything can be tracked and reported on within your website or social media platform. Separate your desktop users from mobile users, or even find out what buttons or links were clicked on within your website. Analytics adds to the fine art of developing a great online user experience. This is also used to refine the lead generation and conversion tactics along with having a better understanding of how your visitors are using your site.

If nothing else is added to the box of online marketing tools other than building your website, it’s highly recommended that you take advantage of this tool. It’s one you can’t afford to go without.