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Following strict web design guidelines!

JMCreative follows a strict set of standards when developing a website or any other online published media. The WC3 guidelines used are also reinforced with using Google’s webmaster guidelines as reassurance for whenever they decide to change their algorithm and enforce penalties for abuse and fraudulent sites.

The design and layout of your web site is everything!

Today’s technology and process of online development has moved well beyond your typical 800 pixel wide and flat web design. Whether you sell products online or offline, provide a service, or even if you require an in-house business portal such as an intranet, building a strong foundation is the key for a successful website. The Chinese look at the human body as an engine. If all of the parts are strong and work together properly, then the effect is strength, good health and the potential to prosper in life. We look websites in a similar fashion. If you have a strong running engine (website), any quality part that you bolt on to it (in this case, SEO, PPC and Social Media) only strengthens that engine.

Give your audience what they want!

Content is king, but so is implanting user engagement! You might think you have the right amount of content, or even the right kind of writing style on your site. If the visitor isn’t interested or is unable to follow what you’re talking about, then you’ve not only lost that visitor but you’ve also lost any chance for conversion! Having a good structure and flow on your site makes reading the material more enjoyable, and most importantly, it provides the visitor with what they were looking for. Just like good customer service practices, the same engagement needs to be implemented online.

What’s the process and where do I begin?

  • Contact us to discuss more details.
  • One on one consultation with the client via email, phone, video conference, on-site, carrier pigeon!
  • We gather the information needed and develop a strategy.
  • Web design and layout phase begins and work out the kinks for final approval.
  • Development of the site typically takes place within a private location until completed or approved by the client. Once approved, we’ll handle the fun part of taking your site live.
  • Submit your website to the top three search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo).
  • Interested in any “essentials” (Google Analytics, SEO, traffic to and from social media sites)?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
JMCreative’s fees are based on either an hourly rate, total cost by project or monthly retainer. Each project and strategy is unique for the clients’ needs and we will work with you to ensure that what we do is cost effective and in your best interest.

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Can I use the same web hosting plan?
Of course you can! Depending on your overall costs and cost concerns, we may present more affordable options for you. If the type of website we develop requires a specific platform, and one that’s offered by your current hosting company, than there’s no reason to move! We are advocates for keeping your domain name(s), web hosting and email plans all under one roof!
What kind of site do I need (HTML or WordPress)?
This all depends on your needs and cost requirements. Having said that, this decision will not have any effect on the overall quality of the finished product. Neither HTML, nor a CMS program like WordPress, will not have any effect on search engine visibility. Designs for both can be purchased as a template for a low cost, or a custom design can be made. Although the costs vary, the overall goal will not be compromised.
Will the site have and do I need to have HTML5 in it?
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. We’ve actually been using HTML4 since the late 90’s. HTML is comprised of tags which define specific elements on a web page. HTML5 was created (new tags) mainly to better implement video, audio and to store files which can be used within apps. There have been and still are a few sticky issues with using the new tags in HTML5. For example, Safari handles mp4 video with ease using HTML5, however, Internet Explorer 8 does not. There is literally a garage full of tools that can be used for online development. It’s all about knowing the right tool to use for the job. Ever tried using a laser level to hammer a nail?
Do I need a mobile website and a responsive website?
A mobile website is not a responsive website. There is a good reason to have both! Before developers took the daunting task of using CSS media queries (not on the quiz later), and the dawn of the mobile age, developers didn’t need to create a responsive site. A Responsive website “responds” to the screen of the visitors’ device; elements, text and all. Even though your website may respond well to mobile devices, it’s possible that you may not want those two pages of nicely written content to be viewed on a smartphone, much less, all 50+ pages of your site. A mobile website would be more beneficial for those looking to find information quick and easy from their smartphone.
Can I edit any part of the website myself?
If you feel comfortable doing so, then yes! We’ll develop your site using a content management system like WordPress or Joomla so that you can edit pages, add text, change images and upload new photos and videos. As part of the service, JMCreative will provide a tutorial and show you how.
Do you send our site to hundreds of search engines like others do?
No, not unless you make that request. Your website will be submitted to the top three search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo.) Not every search engine is the same or even treats websites the same. Some search engines only aggregate website in a particular industry, or format, or can even take months on end to get recognized after the submitting process. The majority of the world uses Google and Bing as their search engines. Your site can certainly be submitted to more, but is it cost effective to you?
Do you host websites and domain names? Where will my website live?
JMCreative does not house in-house web servers. However, quality ICAAN registrar companies will be recommended for hosting products such as Network Solutions,  GoDaddy or even HostGator.